Rental Qualifications


(*For all applicants 18 or over)

  1. Two years of good rental history (living with or renting from relatives does not count) or home ownership (1 ½ -2 years would need increased deposit)
  2. Three times the rent in verifiable gross income (2 ½ to 3 would need increased deposit) or three times annual rent in savings
  3. Credit score of at least 600 (500-600 would need increased deposit)
  4. No evictions within the last 7 years/no unpaid utility bills/no unpaid bills for previous landlords
  5. Section 8 accepted for all homes if other requirements are met
  6. National Tenant Network score of at least 60/100
  7. Call for requirements for more than one adult in a home
  8. Not all homes allow pets. Please check individual listings to see if they are pet friendly. Also, check our pet policy.